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Greenwich, CT – Recreated Wood , featuring one of a kind furniture by artist Alejandra Solett, is preparing its initial catalogue of provocative designs, in one of today’s hottest furniture trends. Solett creates her artful furniture, using various types of wood, sourced from places like barns, warehouses, schools, construction and flea markets. Solett’s guiding principal is to create useful art. Each piece offers durability, unique charm, texture and adds a distinctive addition to any home or office décor.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Ms. Solett was an accomplished television producer and executive for many years and during much of that time, was also hired by artists, musicians, actors and story tellers to provide professional photographic images for publicity, books, CDs and album covers. Her artistic life evolved into mixed media and original functional “living art” furniture. She gets her inspiration from the older vintage pieces that she reinvents, re-purposes, alters, and customizes into an original and timeless furnishings for any home or office. Her style and designs are unique yet universal. She practices what can be referred to as a type of “green art” because Solett re-creates a piece of vintage history by maintaining the memory of the original design while introducing a new modern context into the piece.

REcreated Wood: Repurpose Door handles  
Highlighted above you’ll find our exclusive Philomena Armoire design and Savannah dining table. These pieces were created by Alejandra Solett. This is useable artistic furniture that looks great in any room of your home or office. The handmade Armoire and the dining table will attract attention and evoke admiration from your friends and family. Any interior design plan will be enhanced by these pieces
Recreated Wood offers an array of furnishing including islands, coffee tables, end tables, dining room tables, accent pieces, chairs, hutches as well as unique recreated findings for your home or office space. Each piece tells a story with its unique charm and texture. Each is original and one of kind decorative furnishings.
To view her artworks on exhibit come to her gallery opening at C.Parker Gallery on October 1, 2015. More details can be found on her website or by reaching out at info@rectreatedwood.com. Please visit our website to review our SHOP and don’t hesitate to contact Recreated Wood directly to discuss a custom design projects.