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Alejandra Solett is an artist who chooses to work with wood as a medium to create functional art, because it provides a dynamic canvas, affording her the ability to combine and transform found objects, classic furnishings and materials, into one of a kind creations. Inspired by elements of assemblage, decoupage and collage. Alejandra’s creative process is fueled by the excitement of re-imagining classic furnishings by infusing them with disparate elements of color, media, photos and found materials. Drawing inspiration from her Latin culture, art and history as well as her life-long love affair with photographic images and graphic design. Alejandra’s individual creations are innovative and visually provocative. She fervently believes art is most vital and expressive when it serves a useful and functional element of our daily lives.
A birthday gift of a camera at age 15 was a transformational event in her artistic life. She developed a lasting devotion to the power and inspiration of the photographic image, in particular, the purity of light, shadow and color, that are clearly evident in all of her artwork today.
Alejandra also enjoyed a successful and lengthy career in broadcast and cable television as a feature reporter and producer and later as Executive Producer. She moved to the United States about 15 years ago as a General Manager of a Latin American regional network, based in Miami and subsequently lived in New York City and Greenwich, CT.
Ms. Solett’s Recreated Wood enables her to work in a new medium with vast potential to bring her art to a global audience. Her focus and dedication is to create functional art in the format of dining tables, desks, armories and dressers. All pieces are created, designed and hand crafted from available and found objects. Alejandra’s meticulous care and respect for construction and materials is evident in her distinctive art pieces.
She commutes between her homes in Costa Rica, the South of France and Connecticut, sourcing materials and inspiration for her creations.
Her art will be on exhibit at C.Parker Gallery at the end of November through January 2016 in Greenwich at 17 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT – Phone: (203) 253-0934 or email:info@cparkergallery.com for more information.