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Philomena Armoire

Philomena Armoire

An exclusive design created by Mix Media Artist and photographer Alejandra Solett. The Philomena Armoire is a functional piece of art that will look great in any room of your home. You will find that form meets function in this one of a kind, handmade Armoire. This Armoire will be sure to attract attention and evoke admiration from your friends and family.

Any interior design plan would be enhanced by the addition of this Philomena Armoire. The Armoire has been constructed with recreated wood, in an eye-catching style. This piece is hand-crafted, making it different from any other furnishing you can find for your living space. There are many different woods used, but they blend together in a harmonious arrangement. Splashes and splotches of color abound as you take in the unusual design. The Philomena Armoire is an artistic collage of mid-century style with a colorful twist. The Armoire has a weathered look and is a compilation of assorted textures. If you look closely, you will even see bits of maps ingrained in the design. This Armoire is an artsy example of great accent furniture. The masculine lines are broken up by the dainty antique knobs with embossed patterns. If you love natural furniture, but with unexpected elements, this is the Armoire for you. Natural wood, with the addition of color, gives this Armoire a special warmth and appeal. You can have this piece in your bedroom for extra storage, or hide a television. This Armoire has as many uses as you can think of, and will fit any need you have. This is a cool and uncommon piece that you can love for years and years. The Philomena Armoire will be a statement piece you will be proud to own

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