Savannah Island Table

Savannah Island Table

Savannah Island Table is a functional and beautiful work of art by Alejandra Solett Designs that will add a sophisticated ambiance to your home decor.  Artisan techniques using mixed media applications, this unique island table is made from various types of reclaimed wood, such as Maple, Oak, and Cherry, just to name a few. The tabletop features a gorgeous patchwork of colors and designs, quilted together in an eye-catching pattern. Layers of textures, designs and colors is a thing of beauty. From animal outlines to colorful tiles, this parquet-like surface is inspirational and a one of a kind artistic statement.  Whether as a table for a kitchen island or a bar for entertaining, this masterpiece will be the topic of conversation at any gathering in your home.

Savannah Island Table has a style that is mid-century and industrial, originally from the 1800s. The legs and accents are made from solid cast iron, giving the table a sturdy, but chic look. The cast iron contrasts nicely with the deepness of the tones in the wood. The design is modern, yet down to earth, and will easily become a family heirloom.

When purchasing this table, you will not only be adding an artistic element to your home, you will also be helping others. Thirty percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Savannah Island Table will be donated to This outstanding non-profit organization helps children in Africa, by providing education, meals and healthcare to over 175 students.

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