Looking for uniquely hand crafted, beautifully designed, artful furniture? Recreated Wood produces truly one of a kind furniture expressing a whimsical and creative motif. The inspiration often originates with a vintage piece of furniture that is refinished and re-imagined using mix media, paint and found wood, transforming it into a modern artful dining room table, kitchen island, coffee table or chair. Recreated Wood’s pieces are fully functional, durable, textured works of art that will add distinction and tone to any home or office décor.
Many of the pieces contain elements that are over a hundred years old. Often they are multi-media works of art with accents of metal, decorative drawings, other textures of wood added and colors. Each are re-worked, custom designed and brought back to life in a stylish display of color, form and design. Our website is a destination for those seeking unique furniture for a home or office. RecreatedWood.com website updates almost weekly with new exclusive pieces, findings and reworked items. It is an internet destination for those passionate about adding accent pieces to any living space, office or restaurant. Recreated Wood’s furniture instantly communicates originality and function and each piece is guaranteed to become the center of discussion and pleasure for years to come.